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Κεντρική Σελίδα Άρθρα Παρουσιάσεις Module 9 - Methods of Food Service

Module 9 - Methods of Food Service

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After completion of this module students must be able to: 

Describe the factors that are considered by the food establishmentnt to select the food service method 
Describe the following methods of service: 
a) English, b) French, c) Russian, d) Gueridon Service and, e) Buffet
State the advantages and disadvantages of the various service methods


Are the different types of service methods which foods and beverages are transferred from the kitchen or bar to the dining room served to customers.

Type of company
Type of customer
Type of menu offered e.g.(table d’ menu and a la carte menu)
Food Cost and sale price of the dish to be served
Location of the firm

A. English Service, B. French Service, C. Russian Service, D. Queridon Service, E. Plate Service, F. Buffet Service

Service Procedure: There are two ways of service:
1. Silver Service
The waiter puts the empty dishes from the right side on the table.
He presents the service platter with food to the host from the left side.
Then the service starts from the left of the customer and first from the ladies and last the host.
During the service the waiter (spoon and fork) places in the center of the plate the meat, on the right side the potatoes or rice and vegetables on the left
2. Queridon Service
In this method  the waiter puts the meals into portions at platters and takes them to the customer with the queridon trolley
Immediately, the waiter places in each dish the portion of food for each customer
After the waiter prepares all the dishes, he/she serves the customers
Advandages of English Service
Customers are served quickly and at the same time
Fine display of food on the platter
The waiter show their skills
Adds value to the enjoyment of the dish
The waiters can serve more people than in other ways of service
Disadvantages of English Service
Is required specialized personnel for serving
Costs more in operation and the cost is transferred to the customer
Eating can be cool until it reaches the last customer
The service can be a little slow
Increases washing tableware and silverware

Comes from the traditional method of service which was done in the big towers of the honorable people of France. Currently is used in very small degree in the following areas: 
A) in small hotels
B) in official gatherings with small number of customers
Service Procedure
The waiter places the plate from the right of the customer
Places the food platter on the left hand and presents the food first to the host and then to the other customers
Then, always begins the service from the women, approaching the food platter from the left side onto the edge of the dish.
The customer serves himself with the waiter’s help
Advantages of French Service
Offers plenty of food
The customer chooses the amount of food who wants from the platters
The portions are not predefined
Adds great value to the enjoyment of the dish
Disadvantages of French Service 
This may apply only in expensive and rich meals
The service is very slow and very difficult for staff at peak hours
There is a delay service for customer and food can be served cold to the customer
Needs more staff
Needs qualified staff

the main characteristic of the Russian service is that the food preparation of the various dishes are cooked as whole such as pork, lamb, turkey and various large fish. This is observed in Russia around 1850. In Europe began to appear around 1900. Today it is considered out of date and can be done only in very formal receptions and meals.
Service Procedure
In the beginning of the meal starters are served in a separate dining room. The starters are small portions and accompanied by aperitif drinks or cocktail.
After the appetizers customers are arranged in tables and food is presented in the correct order. The food preparations due to the fact are big in size are transported on special trolleys.
The service of main course can be done in two ways:
1. The French Service in which preparations are cut inside the restaurant are placed onto the platters and in turn the waiters serve the customers with French Service (see above).
2. The method of Queridon is where all food preparations are done in front of the customer on a queridon trolley. The chopped portions are placed in dishes along with potatoes or rice and various vegetables. The waiter serves from the right side of the first customer and first the ladies.
Advantages of Russian Service
Attractive food appearance
The Chef shows his/her skills
The food preparations are beautifully decorated in the plate and the waiter serves with tong showing the skills and qualifications of 
Disadvantages of Russia Service
The service is required qualified staff
The service application is expensive
The service is slow
Increase washing tableware and silverware

Queridon Service, we define a table on which we prepare, cut, prepare and serve various dishes.
Food Dishes which need the use of Queridon Service
Food Dishes
Almost all dishes
Cutting Food
Chopping meat, fish, poultry and fowls
Preparing Salads and Sauces
Vinaigrette and Roquefort Dressing, etc
Preparation of Appetizers
Shrimp Cocktail, Hot Asparagus, etc
Preparation of Flambé
Prawns with Ouzo, Fillet Steak with Pepper, etc
Preparation of Fruits 
Various fruits, such as oranges, strawberries, pineapple, etc
Preparation of Coffees
Irish Coffee, Calypso Coffee, etc
Service Procedure 
Show platters to customers
Put platters on réchauds in order to keep warm the food 
Place the meat or fish in the hot dishes together with potatoes and vegetables
Each dish is served by the assistant waiter
Service of accompaniments and sauces
Pick-up waste utensils
Advantages of Gueridon Service 
Personal Purposes
Preparation of fresh food
Greater variety in the menu
Quality service
High levels of hygiene
Customer preference
Pleasant atmosphere
Enjoyment of  food and service
Increase profits and gives prestige for company
Staff satisfaction
Assessment levels from customers
Customer Satisfaction from the service
Disadvantages of Gueridon Service 
High labor costs
Need to find a qualified personnel
High costs for the purchase of special equipment
Service Process is slow
Materials used are expensive
Limited number of guests due to the  movement of the trolley
Risk of accidents is greatest
For the safety of customers and restaurant should apply the following:
The réchauds should not be placed on the edge of the queridon
The réchauds that work with fire should be away from curtains
The réchauds must be always be unmovable

It is a way to apply a moderate level of services provided and used primarily to restaurants, small hotels, clubs, etc
The food (meat, potatoes, vegetables) are placed in the dish correctly with the appropriate garnish and served in the right way
Service Procedure
The waiter carrying dishes, holding two plates in the left hand and one on the right
Place the dishes always on the right side of the client
Advantages of Plate Service
More presentable and attractive food
The client served relatively quickly, even when the food is warm and attractive
There is better control of portions
The waiter can serve more customers than those other service methods
No need of trained staff
Disadvantages of Plate Service
The presence of a unskilled personnel leads to decrease the level of service

It is a way that you apply to hotel units where customers to be served all kinds of food or only for some categories of food
The dishes are arranged on a table placed in platters, in a bain-marie, etc, with the correct order of service (appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts)
Service Procedure
Customers are arranged on the table and wait until they opened the buffet
The head waiter leads customers according to their arrival time 
Customers choose food from the buffet and carry the dish on the table
When customers sit at their table, the waiter takes order for their drinks
When customers finish with first course, they continue again from the buffet for the other courses: main course and dessert
The waiters pick-up their utensils and complement their service if they wish, with wine, water, bread, etc.
Advantages of Buffet Service
The waiter can serve more customers
Can be used with limited education staff
The menu is not very expensive

Disadvantages of Buffet Service
The appearance of the food is altered if left exposed for an extended time
There is some delay during serice
There is no precision control of food portions


1. Give the definition of the service procedure.
2. From what factors the customer’s service depends in a restaurant?
3. Identify the main types of service.
4. Describe the two ways of the English Service.
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the English Service?
6. Where the French Service comes and which firms can be used today?
7. Indicate the process of French Service. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
8. What is the main feature of the Russian Service?
9. When the Russian Service is presented in Russia and when in Europe?
10. Describe the procedure of the Russian Service and in what two ways are?
11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Russian Service?
12. Explain what Queridon Service is and where it is applied?
13. Provide examples where the Queridon Service is applied?
14. Indicate the advantages and disadvantages of Queridon Service.
15. Describe the procedure of Queridon Service.
16. Define what Plate Service is?
17. Indicate the procedure of Plate Service.
18. Give the advantages and disadvantages of Plate Service.
19. Define what Buffet Service is?
20. Indicate the procedure of Buffet Service.
21. Specify the advantages and disadvantages of Buffet Service.




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